Switzerland bets on a clean future

Switzerland have had a recent referendum, and unlike most referendums, the people are voting for the future of their energy source. The vote was between continuing nuclear power (of which they already have 5 nuclear power plants) or moving onto something much greener in the form of renewable energy. The nuclear option would have been […]

Top 10 Solar Powered countries in the world

Here is a list of the leading countries in renewables… 10) Pakistan (10GW) Pakistan were late starters in the world of Solar Panels only starting in 2012, but they quickly climbed into the top 10.  The Quaid-e-Azam solar park will be completed this year and once ready it will be the largest of its kind […]

US builds first of its kind ground source heat pump community

The Pinewood Forrest community development in Fayetteville is the first all geothermal community of its scale in the states. It’s a mixed use development right next to the famous Pinewood studios. Although the project is completely separate from Pinewood studios it will cater for many of the people who work there, with its restaurants, hotels, recreational amenities and […]

Solar Panel Batteries: Yay or Nay?

Are the batteries on offer any good? There has been a lot of talk about batteries with solar panels over the past couple of months. This is our take on the situation. There seem to be three main players on the market at the moment with the fourth on route.  Growatt, SMA  and Samsung with […]

The ins and outs of heat pump servicing in Cornwall

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation Cornwall

Is there a little or a lot to do? Firstly it is recommended by many heat pump manufacturers that a service is done yearly for warranty purposes, the main reason for this will be to stay on top of the Glycol (antifreeze) levels.  This is carried out by bleeding a very small amount of water […]

Solar Panel Install: Morning dew in Fowey

Although the worst of the weather is behind us, in Cornwall the struggle is still on to get all our roof hooks in before dark as the days are still a little short. A recent installation in Fowey which has a west facing roof got off to a very slow start. Scaffolding was up, it was a bright […]

Solar Panel Install: 100% Self-Generated Energy

Deep in the middle of Cornwall lies the source of the River Fal at Enniscaven. For one enthusiastic almost energy independent couple who used to heat with propane and mains electricity, their solar PV, heat pump and ImmerSUN supplied and fitted by Harvest Renewables Cornwall are the source of their energy requirements. The special feature of the ImmerSUN is […]

Salt Mist Corrosion Solution for Air Source Heat Pumps

You like to be beside the sea……but your heat pump doesn’t. Don’t worry we have the solution to protect your air source heat pump from your coastal location. Salt mist corrosion can cause the pipework in a heat pump to deteriorate. If you can see the sea from the location of the heat pump then […]

Why you should insulate to avoid losing valuable Heat

Heat loss reduction is never more important than in the installation of air source heat pumps. If losses are not reduced, then the heat you have just extracted from the air will go straight back into it. To meet MCS targets, roof, walls and floors need to be insulated as well as pipework both inside and out. […]

Tech: Less mess with the mesh

The Arrow Valves isolator for 28mm heat pump pipe work makes installing and servicing the all important strainer a breeze with Harvest Renewables Cornwall. The return flow in 28mm pipe to the heat pump incorporates a removable strainer element to keep the pump as clean as possible. Earlier designs used an isolator either side of the […]

Heat Pumps in Cornwall have unique amount of glycol antifreeze

If water freezes in winter its volume increases, maybe damaging closed pipework in a heat pump. The solution to this problem is to lower the freezing point temperature of the heat pump fluid to less than 0°Celsius, a temperature less likely to be reached in a Cornish winter. Adding a liquid with a low freezing point such […]

Newquay Junior School gets solar panels

Newquay Junior Academy Goes Solar!  As part of their on going commitment to energy saving and conservation, Newquay Junior Academy gets 16kW of Solar PV fitted. The large southeast facing roof area overlooking the field now has 64 high quality Sharp PV panels covering 108m2. Reinforced roof joists were recommended after a structural survey was […]

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