solar Panels installation

Our team of solar panel installers can expertly fit your solar array within a day.

The Panels

All panels will be tested and checked by our solar panel installers to ensure they’re performing to their maximum potential.

We’re able to offer a smart monitoring platform from SolarEdge. This monitors each individual panel and records its performance hourly once installed. This gives you the unique ability to identify any panel under performing. The advantage is we’re able to determine which panel needs repairing without your whole system going down.  On an average solar array this isn’t possible and your whole array suffers.

The Inverter

The function of an inverter is to convert the DC current from the panels into the type of electricity can be used in the home (AC). We only specify IP65 rated inverters because they are a sealed units with all moving parts protected from dirt, dust or water. Inverters can be installed in a garage, in the house or outside the house.

The installation process

Equipment is ordered

Step 1

Schedule an install date

Step 2

Scaffolding will be put in place prior to installation

Step 3

Work completed and tested over 1-2 days dependant upon weather

Step 4

Site will be left clean and tidy with all waste and scaffolding removed

Step 6

Commissioning documents will be issued

Step 7
Solar Panels Installation Cornwall
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