Solar Smart Monitoring

Make your array smart energy ready with SolarEdge – 

the best solar smart monitoring system on the market.

Advanced Monitoring

Our SolarEdge monitoring systems assess the performance of your whole array but also monitor the performance of each individual panel. 

On a usual install the solar panels are connected in a string. A string system means the string will always perform to the lowest performing panel so if one panel is not performing, the rest of the panels won’t either. This is not the case with a Solar Edge system. With a SolarEdge system panels perform independently rather than in a string and this is achieved through individual optimisers. It’s particularly valuable for properties with any chance of shading. 

Another advantage of the system is if one panel is under performing you can identify exactly which one it is. SolarEdge gets the very best out of each panel. There is very little advantage to spending a fortune on branded solar panels, the smartest move is to spend your money on the inverter (brains of the operation) and a monitoring system. This becomes more apparent with the SolarEdge system because it individually and collectively enhances the performance of all your panels.  

Sunshine generation against grid consumption

With SolarEdge you’re able to monitor the incoming mains consumption against your solar generation. This gives you complete control of your solar package and visibility of solar productivity over imports from the grid. This is crucial information when changing habits to get the most out of your solar generation. 

More advantages of choosing SolarEdge
  • EV Charging – SolarEdge have their own electric vehicle chargers which integrate seamlessly with their solar system. You can decided whether to charge your vehicle directly from the grid or feed in directly from your solar array. 
  • Immersion Control – Excess solar generated from your array will automatically go back to the grid unless you find smart ways to use the excess solar. An excellent way would be to use SolarEdge’s immersion control device, to divert excess solar to your hot water cylinder.
  • Battery Storage – SolarEdge is virtually battery ready. A battery can be bolted on and viewed on the monitoring portal. This is unlike the usual install where the inverter needs to be changed in order to be compatible with a battery. 

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