Solar Mounting Kit

We design and install for the local environment

Cornwall has high wind loads and salt mist for this reason we need a solid design/ solid mounting kit and solid installation. Our specification is very different from a national company. We design and install for the local environment

It starts with a design and goes right through to the tightening of every last screw. Design and installation of your mounting is the foundation of your solar investment.

  • At Harvest we specifically design mounting kits to cope with properties subject to high winds and funneling, on the coast. Special consideration should be taken into account for the local Cornish landscape.
  • We use the manufacturers design tool which takes into consideration the Topography and the local wind zones to provide a robust mounting kit with a 20-25 year warranty.
  • We believe there is little point in having your investment unsupported by a poor mounting system or poor guarantees

Is all mounting equipment equal? The simple answer is no.

Quality not speed

All too often manufacturers appeal to the ease and speed of an installation when designing their kit, which they hope translates into more sales to the installer at the expense of the end user. This is not the case with our mounting kits, they are dedicated to a robust install designed for the client UK conditions.

Is your warranty valid

Any manufacturer worth their salt will have a ( configurator) this will take into consideration all of the environmental factors needed to produce a robust design that will hold your solar panels on for life. The design will specify the amount of hooks ( anchor points) needed. Without this you are relying on a roofer to guess what is needed to hold your Solar panels on the roof. Sending the roofers to site with a plan is one of the most important parts of any install.

Design Tools and Warranty

In order to grant the 20 year warranty all installations must be put through the design tool (configurator), this is an online tool that takes into consideration the Topography and local wind speeds. What you get from this is a clear plan of how many roof hooks are needed. If the install is not put through these measures you will likely be offered a 10 year warranty and a roofing team making the decisions on site as to where and how many roof hooks / rails they should use.

What happens if the array flexes?

  • Flex on solar panels is the most common cause of cracked silicone cells this means the panels lose efficiency.

This happens when gaps between the anchor points are too far apart. More hooks means less flex and a stronger install. 

This may not appeal to many installers as it can mean double the roof hooks and double the labour but it protects your investment in the long term.

       Cell Damage                 Non Cell Damage

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