Commercial Solar
Panels in Cornwall

Commercial solar panels are a great way of protecting your business against rising energy costs, whilst illustrating green credentials.

How will commercial solar panels work for
my business?

We discuss with you the best way to maximise the most of out of commercial solar panels and how it can dramatically reduce your outgoings.  

Some of the main factors to note when considering solar PV are listed below:

  • Existing bills – this will determine what size system is needed to satisfy demand.
  • What time of day and time of year is the energy needed most – this will assist in the design and orientation of the system.
  • Planning permission
  • Permission from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) 
  • Access and walkways for maintenance
  • Guarantees and warranties
  • The design, detailed scale drawing, and orientation
  • Smart export guarantee
  • Savings to electricity bills
  • Full cost of installation with no hidden extras

To discuss how a solar PV array can transform your business give the Harvest office a call on 01637 854997.


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