Switzerland bets on a clean future

Switzerland have had a recent referendum, and unlike most referendums, the people are voting for the future of their energy source. The vote was between continuing nuclear power (of which they already have 5 nuclear power plants) or moving onto something much greener in the form of renewable energy.

The nuclear option would have been a cheaper, well-trodden road. However, the Swiss people realised that nuclear power is unsafe, unstable and can cause many other effects to the surrounding and environment. An accident would be a catastrophic failure and an enormous disaster that would affect not only their own country nut possibly their neighbouring countries. This is most likely a large driving force behind Switzerland phasing out all nuclear power and closing its nuclear power plants.

Some think that one reason voting for renewable energy is seeing the devastation after the 2011 tsunami in Fukushima, Japan and how the destruction of the nuclear plant affected its surroundings.

More than 58% of the people voted against nuclear power and the plan for another power plant was luckily shut down with it. Some argued against renewable energy as they said, “it would cost too much money and the land would be left disfigured”. However, the vote won and Switzerland will be focusing on harnessing all the countries energy from solar, wind and hydro power.

The vote now allows a way for Switzerland to become a renewable country by January 2018. Switzerland have now set a high example which will probably set othercountries onto the same path.

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