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At Harvest Cornwall we have extensive knowledge 

and experience on a wide variety of installations:

Our expertise

Harvest has an extensive experience in multiple installations: 

  • Ground-mounted systems
  • Slate/concrete tile/flat/corrugated roofs
  • Integrated roof systems
  • Domestic/Agricultural/Commercial/Schools
  • Battery storage solutions
  • EV charging
  • Electrical immersion connection to support hot water cylinder 

Due to the varying nature of roof types, coverings and available space, we offer many solutions, using a diverse range of manufacturers. We do not supply one brand. We provide the best solution for each individual property. 

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What is solar PV?

Solar panels provide you with free energy. Solar PV arrays conduct electricity from the sun using framed silicone cells exposed to light. Solar panels convert sunlight into useable electricity, capable of powering your home. We’re able to install domestic and commercial solar that generates energy even on cloudy days. Solar PV does not need direct sunlight. It can generate energy not only during sunlight hours but also in times of low light. 

Solar Panels Survey

In Cornwall, we are fortunate enough to have more usable daylight hours than any other part of the country. These are the important factors we consider at a solar panels survey:

Roof pitch

Our experienced surveyors always conduct internal roof surveys, but when a pitch is below 30°, extra calculations are needed. If data shows insufficient weight load capabilities, then strengthening is needed to and we offer this within the installation.

Roof orientation

This is possibly the most important factor when considering where to put your solar PV. The optimal orientation on the compass point is 90° East through to 270° West. Anything outside of this, facing North, is not subject to the same solar gains. 

Array design

Once accurate measurements have been taken we then draw it out to on 3D software to scale.  This enables us to try various layout options for the solar panels and we can look at the best size panels to maximise the available space. 

Panel output

The highest available output for domestic properties is 4kW, this is due to export limitations placed on homeowners by the district network operator.  However, we are able to install arrays with far higher outputs. This is achieved by restricting how much is exported. 


Shading analysis is crucial to determine any losses that shading may have on your generation. Determining this at survey stage highlights how best to avoid them. A sun chart is used to consider both near and far objects. An equation is then used to calculate how this affects the overall system.

Mounting System

At Harvest Cornwall, we specify roof mounting kits that consider high wind loads. We air on the side of caution by specifying the most robust roof hooks and rail available. The mounting kit can never be over-engineered and the difference in costs for upgrading is very little. 

Solar Installation

Our team of solar panel installers can expertly fit your solar array within a day. All panels will be tested and checked by our solar panel installers to ensure they’re performing to their maximum potential.

We’re able to offer a smart monitoring platform from SolarEdge. This monitors each individual panel and records its performance hourly once installed. This gives you the unique ability to identify any panel underperforming. The advantage is we’re able to determine which panel needs repairing without your whole system going down. This isn’t possible on an average system and your whole array suffers.

Solar Smart Monitoring

Our SolarEdge monitoring systems assess the performance of your whole array
but also monitor the performance of each individual panel. 

On a usual install the solar panels are connected in a string. A string system means the string will always perform to the lowest performing panel so if one panel is not performing, the rest of the panels won’t either. This is not the case with a Solar Edge system. With a SolarEdge system panels perform independently rather than in a string and this is achieved through individual optimisers. It’s particularly valuable for properties with any posisble chance of shading. 

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar panels are a great way of protecting your business against rising energy costs, whilst illustrating green credentials.

Solar Panel Paybacks

The solar panel paybacks are what make installing an array worth it. As solar panel paybacks continue to rise, solar is becoming more affordable than ever.

Solar Panel FAQs

Explore the most common questions discussed in the solar industry. If you’re unable to find an answer to your solar panel questions please contact us.

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