EV charging
in Cornwall

Let your solar panels power 

your electric vehicle.

At Harvest Cornwall we’re about smart, eco choices. That’s why we’re an EV charging point installer in Cornwall – it’s one of the best ways to maximise the return on your solar investment.

If you need advice on the EV charging point solutions available to you get in touch.

What are the benefits? 

Our smart solar EV charging points allow you to charge your EV from the grid or choose to use the free energy generated from your solar panels.

We’re able to give you complete control and visibility of your solar productivity. From an app on your phone, you can control how much solar energy is pulled for your EV and see when you’re importing from the grid.

We offer a range of solutions for businesses and homeowners; whether you’re installing a new PV array, have an existing array or are looking to future proof your EV charging points for solar.

Based on our expertise we specify, from a range of manufacturers, the EV charger that we believe is the best option to meet your needs.

How else can I capitalise on solar?
Excess solar generated from your array will automatically export back to the grid unless you find smart ways to use the excess solar.

Additional solutions:

  • Battery Storage – Store your excess solar to use during times your array isn’t generating.
  • Immersion Control –  Another excellent way would be to use an immersion control device, to divert excess solar to your hot water cylinder.

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