Corrosion Resistance Heat Pumps in Cornwall

Corrosion is a major concern that goes well beyond maritime conditions, significantly impacting the longevity and efficiency of energy and power equipment. The financial impacts of corrosion are considerable, creating the necessary approaches to manage its effects. Anti-corrosion technologies are becoming more recognised as an efficient preventative method for manufacturers and operators.

The impacts of corrosion on heat pump technology

Corrosion can be particularly detrimental to equipment in coastal locations, where it is often exposed to extreme conditions. This coastal environment can accelerate the corrosion of surfaces, leading to increased maintenance costs, reduced operational efficiency and shorter equipment lifespan.

Corrosion resistance in Cornwall

Corrosion issues can often be overlooked for installers outside of Cornwall. However, Harvest Cornwall always considers the local environment at the survey stage. For properties near to the coast we recommend coastal protection in the form of blygold coating. Salt mist does corrode metal very fast but a layer of blygold prevents this deterioration and preserves the internal and external components of a heat pump. The minimum rule of thumb is that if you can see the sea from the heat pump location then protection is needed. 

What is corrosion?

  • Corrosion is a natural consequence of the metal atoms combining with atmospheric conditions.
  • When the atmospheric conditions are considered corrosive, the deterioration of fin metal is rapid and results in performance loss, equipment repair and/or replacement much sooner than necessary.
  • Environments including coastal, marine, heavy industrial, wastewater treatment plants, paper mills, chemical plants, highly acidic/alkaline, and much more are considered corrosive.
Mitsubishi have the strongest corrosion protection available on the Market with their BS model. This coating protects the heat pump against the harsh Cornish weather. Read more on the Mitsubishi solution here.

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