BT to source 100% of its electricity from renewables

BT have signed an agreement with N-Power to source 100% of electricity needs from renewable sources.

For a large corporate company like BT that uses 0.76% of all electricity consumed in the UK  this is an amazing example being set and one that could surely be followed up by other large UK companies. BT are set to reduce their carbon footprint by 1 million tonnes of CO2 a year contributing to what BT call their better future strategy. This sets a great foundation for large corporate companies in the future, what we don’t know yet is if BT made this move for environmental reasons or financial. If it was heavily motivated by cheaper electricity or taxes due to the move then we could do with BT announcing it, its lovely to hear what they are doing for the environment but we all know that the best way to lead corporate companies down the same path is to broadcast the financial benefits.

 Lets hope BT will be open and let us know if there is a financial motivation behind the move.

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