Air Source Underfloor Heating

Optimal comfort is possible with underfloor heating for air source heat pumps if it is designed and fitted accurately.

The flow temperature required to run underfloor heating for air source heat pumps is typically around 35-45°C depending on how well your property is insulated.

We design the underfloor to a plan and a specification that will provide the right level of heat for the room. We produce a design for your approval before the date of install – it’s vital as areas under baths, showers, fitted wardrobes and fireplaces are avoided but need to be compensated for in other areas. All of the pipework will run back to a manifold at a destination agreed by you.

Stay within Budget

Underfloor heating is more expensive than a standard radiator system and for this reason many of our clients have underfloor downstairs and radiators upstairs. Most households spend the majority of their time downstairs in warmer temperatures of 21°C, whereas upstairs in bedrooms, design temperatures are slightly lower at 18°C. Radiators upstairs and underfloor downstairs can be a very cost effective and resourceful combination.

For more details on underfloor heating for air source heat pumps visit here.

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