Ground source heat pumps are the most efficient heating product on the market and have been around since the 70s.

What is a ground source heat pump?

Ground Source heat pumps extract heat from the ground using collectors (pipework), the heat pump transfers the energy into the cylinder providing you with heating and hot water.  Unlike an air source heat pump, a ground source heat pump is an indoor unit.

Why are ground source heat pumps more efficient?

Ground Source Heat Pumps have the highest available COP for domestic heating. COP stands for Co-efficiency Of Performance. Simplified, this is the conversion of electricity to heating in a percentage. For example, electric radiators have a COP of 1 meaning they are 100% efficient comparatively ground source heat pumps have a COP of 4-5 making them 400-500% efficient. For every kilowatt imported from the grid, or your solar PV array, you will get 4-5 kW’s of heat. 

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Horizontal Array – Trenches

Horizontal loops are closer to the surface and therefore we must consider the effect low temperatures can have on yearly efficiency. Trenches are an economical solution, typically three times cheaper than boreholes. They are a great option if you have the land to accommodate them. The more trenches you have the more heat you can extract from the ground.  If you are limited on space then vertical boreholes can be drilled instead.

Vertical Array – Boreholes

Typically we drill 100-120m per borehole. It is possible that you will need more than one borehole. The more boreholes you have the more heat is collected. They are subject to very little variation in temperature. 

The ground below the surface stays at a constant temperature; with it’s greater distance from the surface a borehole is less affected by air or surface temperature changes. 

The Heat Loss Report

At survey stage we determine your room by room heat losses depending on the size, age and fabric of your home. This data means we can size your heat pump appropriately and determine how long or how many ground collectors are needed. 

It is important, at survey stage, to identify the u-values for your property’s floors, roof and window types. This is so we can then calculate a detailed heat loss report and accurately specify a heat pump that will cover your heating and hot water demand.

Following our survey, we’re able to carry out extensive geological and soil analysis of your land. This helps determine suitability and how much heat can be extracted. 

Ground Source Heat Pumps Cornwall
Ground Source Heat Pumps Cornwall

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