AIR SOURCE Heat Pump installation

The correct installation of a heat pump is crucial to its efficiency and longevity.

We discuss each step of your air source heat pump installation with you prior to our start date to ensure all your needs are met.

We aim to make the air source heat pump installation process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.

The life of a heat pump can be extended by using corrosion resistant coatings, micro strainers, magnetic cleaners and power flushing the system. 

Power flushing

A power flusher will run until the central heating system is clean. It will stop any cold spots in radiators, help flow rates, improve efficiency and ultimately improve the life of your air source heat pump.


Although we very rarely get deep frosts here in Cornwall, glycol (antifreeze) is needed in the system in case a frost occurs. Without the right percentage of glycol there is a risk that the unit could be damaged by frost. Percentages of glycol are checked and recorded using a refractometer and should be tested annually.

Future Accessibility

Access for serving and any maintenance should be as simple as possible. A heat pump should be serviced at least once a year, therefore easy access to strainers, lever valves, pumps and diverter valves must be planned at install stage.

Heat Emitters

Running at a lower flow temperature means that the balancing of the radiator/underfloor system becomes more important in order to efficiently heat your home.


Our highly trained engineers are not only qualified to industry standard but also trained specifically to install the brand of chosen heat pump. Further to this we are MCS Accredited, which means our work is regularly audited and held to the highest standard by an inspector of the governing body. 

Air Source Heat Pump Installation Cornwall

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