Radiators for Heat Pumps

Whether you choose to have radiators, underfloor heating or a combination of both, careful design is key.

Our main concern is ensuring there is no hindrance to the heat pumps efficiency.

If the output for an emitter is too low then you run the risk of not having sufficient heating at the coldest times of the year. 

The Heating

As air source and ground source run on lower temperatures radiators for heat pumps need to have a higher output. This can mean larger radiators or a different type of radiator better suited to lower flow temperatures. 

We aim to achieve the lowest, reasonable flow temperature which translates to high efficiency and low running costs.

We offer both first and second fix plumbing for central heating systems.

The Power flushing

A power flush is a great way to clean out the pipework even if it is brand new. A power flush will minimise future corrosion by removing and preventing sludge build up. Maintaining the water in the system can vastly improve the efficiency of your heating system and any heat source attached to it. It is important that an inhibitor is left in the system to help prevent corrosion. 

Power flushing is a service we offer all retrofit and new build properties. 

Radiators for air source heat pumps Cornwall
Radiators for air source heat pumps Cornwall

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