solar panel paybacks

As solar panel paybacks continue to rise, solar power is becoming more affordable than ever.

The solar panel paybacks are what make installing an array worth it. Solar materials are more cost effective than they’ve ever been and with solar battery technology constantly improving, solar energy is arguably much cheaper than importing from the grid.

As the cost of installation steadily falls and the cost of electricity rises the payback time reduces. After conducting a roof survey, we provide you with a performance estimate that highlights your expected return over a seven and eleven year period. It’s based on 50% and 100% use of your solar generation. 

Smart Export Guarantee

Until last year homeowners could receive a government incentive for installing solar panels. This is no longer the case. In it’s place however is the smart export guarantee. All energy providers are required to provide solar PV owners with a fair amount for any energy they export back to the grid.

Head over to our blog for the latest league table and find out which energy providers are offering the best export guarantee.

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