Solar Panel Batteries IN CORNWALL

Solar Panel Batteries help you avoid losing your solar generation to the grid.

There are two main types of solar panel batteries; lithium Ion and lead acid. Lithium ion are smaller and more efficient and are often used for domestic properties attached to the grid. Lead acid are larger, slightly cheaper and less efficient, usually used in off grid scenarios. 

If you need advice on the battery solutions available to you get in touch.

New installation

If you do not have any solar panels installed then you have many options available to you.  We will discuss the benefits of a variety of battery storage systems and recommend whichever battery we think is most suitable for your home. installing a battery as part of a new pv array also means VAT is zero rated until 2027 which is a huge bonus.

Retrofit (battery fitting onto an existing system)

There are many options available now for retrofitting batteries on an existing system which doesn’t always mean taking out an existing inverter. We will discuss any changes that may be needed at our initial consultation. 

Futureproof for Powercuts 

At present solar panel systems attached to the grid are designed to switch off if there is a power failure. If you want your system to continue to work when there is a power failure, the best option currently is the Tesla Powerwall 2.0. This is largely down to the fact the Powerwall 2.0 is AC coupled.  

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