Venton Gassic, Multi-Technology, Roseland

Harvest were recommended by our friend. We're pleased. The whole project went well. The systems are very efficient actually and the whole thing was executed quite really well.

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This property has a ground source heat pump, mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR), underfloor heating and solar panels.

Our clients built their dream retirement home and wanted to use their surroundings to power their home with renewables.

Speaking on why they decided to have their home powered by renewables our client said:”The the EU and the government are heading that way and we’ve got to think about climate change whether you believe in it or not. We wanted something that would require some maintenance but not a lot of maintenance and also where the costs of running it were low.”

The Water Source

We specify our heat pumps to ensure optimal comfort and sufficient demand all year round. Part of that process for this property was carrying out an expert assessment and analysis of the lake. Ensuring the suitability of your choice of collectors is really important at design stage.

Our client said: “We did have concerns that during the summer months we may experience a reduction in efficiency as the water levels would drop but in fact it performed really well. We’re very happy with our decision, the heat pump does it’s job very well and in fact since we’ve had the heating on I’ve even had to turn it down. It’s really good.”

The lake is 175m from the house,  our main challenge was ensuring the pond-mats would extract enough heat to supply this very large house. It’s vital to accurately weight the pond-mat loops and ensure they are appropriately separated to withdraw heat, at such a distance, as efficiently as possible.

The Solar Panels

These clients had the opportunity to install solar panels on a barn in another field away from their main property.

The Heat Recovery

We ensure a smooth synergy with other tradesmen during the installation of all our technologies. Particularly for Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) it is paramount that we have access at the right time of the build. This is so we can ensure there is enough space for maximum air flow.

Six months after they officially moved in to their dream home and made the move to Cornwall, we asked our clients how they felt:

“You can always think of things afterwards that you would have liked to have done slightly differently but for the most part the whole project went well. We’re happy, it feels like home. It’s a very nice place to live in and the surroundings are magnificent. We’re very happy with the renewable systems Harvest installed they perform much better than we expected, I’ve even had to turn our heating down.”

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Annual Fuel Savings


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