The proposal was great and more than anything the reason we chose to go with Harvest Renewables Cornwall is because of Jonathan's incredible customer service, knowledge and crystal clear communication. He has put our mind at ease with every hurdle, helping us select the right options for our house. After five months of building work working with numerous people, companies and problems this is THE MOST important thing.

Becca Baker

Air Source & Underfloor Heating

One of the reasons we have gone with Harvest Renewables Cornwall is Charlotte. She's a key member of their team, enormously pleasant to deal with and has outstanding customer service. She takes a proactive approach and is very reassuring. You get the feeling that they're going to look after you. She says she is going to ring you back and does. You ask for information and even if she doesn’t have it, she tells you when she'll get it to you.

Mike Carroll

Ground Source, Solar PV, Underfloor Heating & MVHR

I was impressed with the level of professionalism and friendliness of the whole team. Their customer service is second to none and they explain the whole process thoroughly. They managed my expectations well and installed the day agreed. It really was hassle-free, even the help I received with applying for the government payback. Harvest Renewables Cornwall are excellent and I am so pleased. They've halved my fuel costs, what’s not to like!

Dave Cridland

Solar Photovoltaic

Harvest’s customer service was very good beginning to end, I always find them very helpful. Originally I planned on using another company but Harvest were recommended to me by my local gym owner; he said after extensive research Harvest Cornwall was his choice, as they had the most detailed and accurate proposal by far. I don’t claim to be the most knowledgeable in the area of renewables, even after my own research, but I was very impressed with the manner everything was explained to me. When I had a slight problem, I had a visit and a lengthy chat with one of their engineers who found a solution and made it very easy to understand. They're a superb team at Harvest Cornwall with a good all round service.

Dr Charles Steel

Air Source & Solar Photovoltaic

I actually had a fantastic service on my heat pump recently. It all went smoothly, the engineers were as friendly as ever and got straight to the job. All the way through our install Jonathan went out of his way to make things simple and work specifically for our build. With the RHI application, Harvest were incredibly helpful, we were just under the threshold to receive more government payback and they worked really hard to get us the maximum and get us over that threshold. Installing our  heat pump with Harvest was the best thing I’ve ever done. The initial out-cost might be expensive but it’s well worth it! We have constant heating and it’s cheap to run. I couldn't recommend Harvest Cornwall enough.

Etsu Beresford

Air Source Heat Pump

No issues, the information they provide is great. I’m not the sharpest tool in the box but Jonathan explains it all in an easy and clear way for me to understand. The office is always helpful, I never feel worried that I’m going to sound thick when I ring up with questions. If there’s something I don’t understand, I just ring them up and know I’ll get the help I need – no problem. More than happy with our install, the lads on site did a really good job, quick and clean, so we’re delighted we went with Harvest. I’m a bit of a nutter when it comes to alignment of things and the panels are all lined up right, not even millimetres out. Such a good job. The perfect install. Honestly, couldn’t fault Harvest! Definitely using them again if we do another build.

Kath Moone

Air Source & Solar Photovoltaic

The Harvest Cornwall team are lovely, pleasant & helpful. I can find no fault. The engineers were quick and clean, it all went smoothly. It’s hard to explain why I chose Harvest, you just get a feeling about these things. Besides the fact they're accredited, Jonathan inspired confidence right from his initial consultation. He promptly visited after I first made contact, there's no long waiting for things to progress. They're very technical and informative and definitely know what they’re talking about, it's very reassuring. I had a slight problem shortly after install but the response time was speedy, it’s helpful they're local because it means if there's a problem they get here quickly.

Barbara Miles

Air Source Heat Pump

10 out of 10. We received very good customer service beginning to end. Really happy with the heat pump, it provides us with everything we need. I believe it was a relatively new system and one of the first of that brand that Harvest installed and it all works accordingly and thanks to them my PV integrates well with the heat pump. The engineers were all very neat. We had some initial teething problems but it was all dealt with quickly and efficiently. It’s perfect. Harvest were really helpful when applying for the government payback too and it sure is nice receiving that cheque; in the knowledge we’re getting our money back. Very happy and we’ll definitely use Harvest again in the future.

Ian Johnson

Ground Source & Solar Photovoltaic

Great attention to detail in initial design stage. Aftercare was great. All the information is easy to understand. The engineers had to dovetail with our tradesmen quite a bit but that was no problem. Things often come up on site, which alter original plans, as is the way with self builds, but Harvest handled it well. Communication was good. We’re really happy with our choice. Our old cottage was always very damp and cold and now we have a dry and really warm home. It's tough to weigh up cost wise, but we still consider it to be a really good investment even now. Obviously helps when the RHI money hits your bank account. We would absolutely recommend Harvest.

Laura Giles

Ground Source Heat Pump

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