ground source Heat Pump installation

From the initial groundworks assessment through to the fully installed system, our aim is to give you the best solution that will meet the heating demands of your property.

Heat Pump & Cylinder

We will discuss the best location to site the unit and cylinder prior to your ground source heat pump installation. A plant room of approximately 2.5m x 2.5m is the usual area needed to house a ground source heat pump, hot water cylinder and buffer. We work with a range of manufacturers and for this reason we can offer solutions for smaller plant rooms. We’re able to offer tall, integrated heat pump and cylinder units that can be fitted into a space as small as 1.5m x1.5m.  

High Outputs on Single-Phase

Due to the geography of Cornwall, it is rare that rural properties have a three-phase electrical supply which is often needed for higher output heat pumps. This restricts older and larger properties with high heat losses to 12kW maximum, unless two heat pumps (master and slave) are installed. This is never a preferred option. Harvest Cornwall are in the exclusive position to offer higher output units up to 25kW on a single phase supply. 

The Subterranean Manifold

Whether you have trenches or a boreholes, the collector pipes will lead back to an underground manifold. This will be similar to the size and look of an inspection chamber. When the job is complete the only thing visible from the surface is a man-hole lid. 

From the manifold into the property there will be two header pipes (flow and return) connecting straight to the heat pump. Our trained installation team will fusion weld any pipework that is underground. 

The Maintenance

After a good installation of a ground source heat pump a yearly maintenance visit is necessary.  

Annual maintenance is a service we offer. If you would like to discuss how we can service your heat pump then please contact the office on 01637 854997.

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation Cornwall
Ground Source Heat Pump Installation Cornwall

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