ground source Heat Pump survey

Your comfort comes first. We carry out a detailed ground source heat pump survey so we can specify the right size heat pump for your home.

Our initial visit is a no-obligation ground source heat pump survey to gather information about your property and about what you want to achieve from a new system.

At Harvest Cornwall, we take the time to be accurate. You can expect our surveyors to assess:

  • Room sizes/volume
  • Floor/walls/ceiling/roof types
  • Insulation levels
  • Windows/Doors
  • Air changes; depending on room type, age of property and any open fireplaces
  • Any existing source of heat
  • Any existing emitters
  • Ground type


Without an extremely detailed survey from an experienced surveyor, you may end up with an Incorrectly sized heat pump. If either the heat pump, collectors or heat emitters are undersized your system will not run efficiently; increasing your energy bills, providing insufficient temperatures and reducing the life of your heat pump.

Our thorough calculations make sure this does not happen. 

Several installation companies will work from a rule of thumb in specifying a Ground Source Heat Pump.  Where this may work for specifying a new natural gas boiler, it will not work for a Ground Source heat pump. 

We guide you through the installation from the beginning through to the application for RHI. We work with top range products to achieve the highest standards and outcome for your heating and hot water solutions.

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