Ground Source heat pump pond-mats

If you have a large body of water you can use this unique source to heat your home.

Ground source heat pump pond-mats have a much higher efficiency than other collectors as water is much better at retaining heat and typically produces more energy than soil. They must sit a metre below the surface and off the pond bed to extract properly.
Large coils are attached to long weighted blocks and linked to corrosion resistant frames before we sink them into position within your water source. This type of collector must be executed by a professional.
The Installation Process

Deliver pond-mats to site about 5kw of heat per mat

Step 1

Float them out into position leaving the tails at the bank

Step 2

Tie them into position using cord like equipment to hold them in place

Step 3

Trench from the bank to the manifold

Step 4

Place the manifold into position at a high point on the bank so that air can be extracted

Step 5

Run the header pipe from the far side of the manifold back to the heat pump

Step 6

Fusion weld all pond-mats and header pipe to the manifold

Step 7

Once filled with brine solution the pond-mats will sink below the water level

Step 8
Ground Source Heat Pump Pond Mats Cornwall
Ground Source Heat Pump Pond Mats Cornwall

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