AIR SOURCE Heat Pump survey

Our free survey will help us specify which air source heat pump is best for you.

We will carry out a detailed air source heat pump survey and heat loss report of your property. This will consider the following:

  • Size of your property
  • Age of your property
  • Elevation from sea level
  • Proximity to the sea
  • Average low mean temperature in your area
  • External wall / windows / floor / roof 
  • Insulation levels (u-values)
  • Maximum expected occupancy
  • Electricity supply
  • Available space
  • Potential planning restrictions

All of these details will be measured and recorded by our trained surveyors on a site visit. Alternatively, we can work directly from architect drawings to provide a full specification and estimate. 

The Older Building

Many properties in Cornwall are stone or granite built with no cavity wall insulation and as a result have thermal bridging, all details we pick up at our initial survey. The more information we have before we start working on the heat loss report means we can provide you with the most accurate specification and make sure it comfortably covers your homes heating demands. We have installed many heat pumps in Grade II buildings.

The Proximity to the Coastline

You’re right to be concerned as it is often an oversight for installers outside of Cornwall. However, we always consider your local environment at survey stage. For properties near to the coast we recommend coastal protection in the form of blygold coating. Salt mist does corrode metal very fast but a layer of blygold prevents this deterioration and preserves the internal and external components of a heat pump. The minimum rule of thumb is that if you can see the sea from the heat pump location then protection is needed. A regular wash down of the external case with fresh water also helps reduce salt mist corrosion.

The Available Space

Heat pumps are best sited in the open air away from enclosed spaces.  When the heat pump expels cold air the last thing you want is the retaining wall restricting circulation. 

The air source unit sits outside your property so it’s just the hot water tank that needs to be housed inside. If there is limited space in the house the garage or a small insulated shed is an equally good option. We work with a wide range of heat pump ready cylinders and often fit hot water tanks in confined spaces. We will work with you from survey stage to find the most suitable solution.

The Existing Hot Water Cylinder

As Harvest Cornwall is an MCS accredited company we need to ensure you have a heat pump and cylinder in line with these government standards. You will most likely find the cylinder you have currently is not heat pump ready. 

Air Source Heat Pump Survey Cornwall
Air Source Heat Pump Survey Cornwall

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