Cornwall: Hot Rock, Hot Spot

A new renewable energy revolution is planned for Cornwall by 2020 with aims for Redruth to be the heart of Cornwall’s renewable revolution after a £10.6 million European investment in ground source heat pump technology. Geothermal Engineering Ltd, GEL, are going to begin exploratory drilling in Redruth by early 2018.

Cornish earth is perfect for a project of this scale as the ground is granite rich which is ideal for conduction of heat for a huge ground source heat pump. The ground source heat pump operates by pumping brine into a hole which is drilled hundreds of metres deep. A loop is passed down he hole and as the brine gets deeper it gets warmer, thus, it heats up and is sent back up to the surface.

The project should generate enough energy to supply up to 1,500 homes. Heat pumps should be used more often because it uses the natural heat of the Earth rather than fracking oil, gas and coal which is deeply effecting our environment. Though ground source heat pumps still use a trickle of electricity, the efficiency is far greater than direct electricity than oil, gas or coal.

Britain should become the leading county in Britain in ground source heat pumps as it is by far the hottest county below the surface and is seen as Britain’s literal hotspot.

Our expert team at Harvest Cornwall together with our experienced local driller can design, install and commission the best ground source heat pump for your property so you can tap into this clean, renewable energy for the future.

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