Chough House Council Building, Truro

Chough House Council Building, Truro

Installation details

9.52 kW with JA Solar solar panels and Renusol Flat roof mounting kit.

Roof type



Flat roof that cannot be penetrated and has significant shading to the South of the building.

Our solution

Renusol FS10 East / West flat roof mounting kit with ballast.

Being unable to pierce the roof to attach anchors meant that we had to calculate the weight load needed to hold the array in place for the strongest wind loads that may occur in that particular post code at the given building height. For this calculation we use Renusols own configurator which specifies exactly how much weight is needed for the panel and frames. Ballast ( weight) was calculated using the manufacturers software, this allowed us to apply the correct weights to each panel and frame so that it would cope with any high wind loads that might hit the top of the building where the solar panels were sited.

£ 500
Annual Fuel Savings


Equivalent Trees Planted

0 kg
Co2 Emission Saved

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