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Underfloor heating covers a large surface area and ultimately allows you to run the underfloor at lower temperatures than radiators, reducing running costs and increasing comfort.

The flow temperature required to run  underfloor heating is around 35-45°C depending on how well your property is insulated. 

The Design

We design the underfloor to a plan and a specification that will provide the right level of heat for the room. We produce a design for your approval before the date of install. The design is vital as areas under baths, showers, fitted wardrobes and fireplaces are avoided but need to be compensated for in other areas. All of the pipework will run back to a manifold at a destination agreed by you.

The Heat Losses

At Harvest Cornwall we don’t specify by rule of thumb we carry out a room by room heat loss which illustrate exactly how many watts are needed to meet the heat demand for each particular room. This can often mean that closer centres are needed, typically at 150mm. By carrying out a heat loss report we will be able to offer different running temperatures that will lower your running costs and make your system run very efficiently. 

The hybrid – underfloor heating & radiators

Underfloor heating is more expensive than a standard radiator system and for this reason many of our clients have underfloor downstairs and radiators upstairs. Most households spend the majority of their time downstairs in warmer temperatures of 21°C, whereas upstairs in bedrooms, design temperatures are slightly lower at 18°C. Radiators upstairs and underfloor downstairs can be a very cost effective and resourceful combination.

The ground floor preparation

Nine times out of ten the ground floor will have a staple system. This is a plastic hook with a barb that pins the underfloor heating to the insulation through the membrane. It is pushed into place by way of a large staple gun. 

The builder will carry out these steps prior to our engineers arrival:

Insulation – the floor must be insulated before we can staple underfloor pipework to it. 

Membrane – a thin membrane will be needed to prevent screed slipping between the insulation. 

Expansion strip – this will be needed on the outside to absorb any expansion from the screed.

Once the above has been completed, Harvest Cornwall install all of the underfloor heating to an approved drawing. It will be filled and left pressurised from the manifold. 

The final stage is the screed. This will be poured over the pipework and left to dry. The general rule is 1mm per day drying time.  

The thermostat

Control of the underfloor is slightly different to conventional heating, this is because each zone or room can be controlled individually via a thermostat. Our programmable stats mean different temperatures can be achieved in each room, rather than one temperature running throughout the house. We supply programmable thermostats that can be controlled both in the home and remotely from your computer, tablet or smart phone. 

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Underfloor Heating Cornwall
Underfloor Heating Cornwall
Underfloor Heating Cornwall

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